New Features

It has been a busy time here at EDGEauditor! These are just some of the product enhancements we’ve launched over the last several months:
  • Accident Report: Completely redesigned and simplified layout.
  • Health & Safety Module: Keep track of staff participation in safety meetings and ensure they are compliant with job-required trainings.
  • Inspections Module: Inspect objects and attach these inspections to signs, ski runs, lifts, etc.
  • Data Insights: Replaced existing widget tool with brand new charts and tables containing data from the accident report.
  • Task Management: Use the app or dashboard to create, assign and manage tasks related to an accident report by department.

Resort Spotlight

Lake Louise Ski Resort approaches digital risk management with the right game plan. Since they have invested in the right training and hardware, it has been a smooth process to adopt EDGEauditor into their daily operations, with the plan to expand to even more departments this season. EDGEauditor has also welcomed the invaluable feedback and insights provided by the Lake Louise team, which we incorporate into new features and enhancements whenever possible.

[ In Development ]

One of our focus areas this season is providing greater insights on data collected through EDGEauditor. We started with the updated charts and tables on the dashboard and now we’re developing detailed reporting for the Groomer module. These key daily and monthly stats will be available for export to Excel so resorts can further mine the data to gleam additional insights into efficiencies and opportunities within their groomer operations.

[ Featured Tip ]

The "Missing Report Alerts" feature enables users to receive an email and/or text message when a report has not yet been submitted by a user within a pre-determined time from your operational start of day. This is a great way to ensure staff members are completing daily logs and inspections. For more information on how to setup this feature, contact nancy.m@edgeauditor.com.

[ Upcoming Events ]

CWSAA "50th" Annual Spring Conference
April 24-26, 2018 
  NSAA National Convention & Tradeshow
May 3-6, 2018 

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