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8 Reasons you should be using golf tournament software

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Event Caddy's Online Store feature gives tournament organizers the ability to sell anything above and beyond a typical player registration. Things like: Sponsorship, Raffle tickets, mulligan's, and much more.

Try up selling certain items to your players before checkout to ensure everything is purchased ahead of time.

TipS: NETWORK                  

Regardless of the size of your event, it’s unlikely that all of your players know one another. Many players and businesses attend golf tournaments as an effort to network and meet new clients. As an organizer it’s important to act as the connecting link between players. Make an effort to introduce players to each other. A simple introduction can go a long way. 

Also consider adding some networking opportunities during or prior to your tournament. An auction or cocktail party the night before is a great way to accomplish this. You can also consider giving the dinner seating a good shuffle for any post event receptions.

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